About Us

As KIRIMCI METAL, we produce highly quality laser cut sheets, stamped sheets, expanded metal sheets, perforated metal sheets, decorative iron motifs, decorative pipes/profiles and gate accessories in our factory.

Advanced technology and production techniques are a trademark of KIRIMCI METAL have given us the capability to craft unique solutions for the all projects with Architects, interior designers, and landscapers have recognised the superior visual and functional value of our products. Our products are leaders in for both interior and exterior applications, offer a wide approach to decorative detailing, providing a solution to architectural, spatial and interior design.

KIRIMCI METAL has the aim of supplying quality products and service to their customers with workers, suppliers, clients, solution partners and sharers from society and environment to meet all expectations in high level, as one of leading company in Turkey and all over the world.

For all enquiries or more information, please contact us. We are excited to work with you, adding further distinction and value to your project.